Adding Individual MasterServers Manually

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  • For advanced users. Manual editing your master servers means you will no longer rely on updateservers to give you the latest master servers. In your game config, same name as your executable but ends in .ini. UnrealTournament.ini for example
  • A fresh list of servers can be obtained by creating a link like on the UpdateServerAddress page, with the rest of the hyperlink appended to look like one of the UpdateServers (look under the game's MasterServers heading)
  • bFallbackFactories enabled will try the servers in order until it finds one that responds. Disabled is normally the default position, which will try them all at the same time and show a combined list
  • bKeepMasterServer enabled will stop your game from using UpdateServer to gather masterservers each time your UBrowser is opened. Disabled is normally the default position and uses your UpdateServer

Unreal Tournament Demo

in-game browser

You need to set the following options to be able to manually edit



In the same section UBrowserAll, you can add or edit your servers manually, some example lines below


This should work for Postal 2, Rune, Unreal Tournament


This UT Server Browser makes adding/changing master servers easier. Some added functionality like letting you manually remove servers permanently from your list

XBrowser Masterserver config
XBrowser hide servers

Other Games

If there is no UpdateServer Address for your game, and the above is no good. You could try editing the hosts file as a last resort