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  • An overview of bugs in Rune Linux and a fix for one of them

The Bugs

  • No log files or screenshots on Linux Rune. There is currently no fix
  • Forced home directory for config files when running as a privileged user. You can still run it as a privileged user and if you do want a workaround you can use symbolic linking. detailed below. It's much easier to run it with a user account!

The Workaround

  • This setup script and game launch scripts/command allow you to have config and log files in the game's 'System' folder, they aren't real files but far better than trying to remember each game's custom filenames that are in the .loki folder. So it is very close to what -nohomedir would be like


  • Rename the .loki linked file to something different for each install. The files have symbolic links in your game folder and will physically exist in the .loki sub-folder
  • Swap /home/Games/runehov/ with your game folder

Setup script: edit the /home directory in all instances to your Rune folder

(Renames old files, they can't exist with those names or we can't create the links) rn /home/runehov/System/Rune.ini /home/runehov/System/Rune-bak.ini rn /home/runehov/System/User.ini /home/runehov/System/User-bak.ini

(Creates the folder if it doesn't exist, copies the default files over, the bottom two lines are most important)

mkdir ~/.loki/
mkdir ~/.loki/rune/
mkdir ~/.loki/rune/System/
cp /home/runehov/System/Default.ini ~/.loki/rune/System/Rune.ini 
cp /home/runehov/System/DefUser.ini ~/.loki/rune/System/User.ini
ln -s ~/.loki/rune/System/Rune.ini /home/rune/System/Rune.ini
ln -s ~/.loki/rune/System/User.ini /home/rune/System/User.ini