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Welcome to the 333networks wiki

333networks are a group of people with the hobby to sustain online multiplayer games after the shutdown of GameSpy. They continuously work to improve their MasterServer with feedback from the game community. Their focus is on hosting and showing online multiplayer games for Unreal Tournament and numerous other games. Everything they do is on a recreational and voluntary basis.


The purpose of this wiki is to give visitors and contributers a place to gather information regarding UT/333networks related material. This part of 333networks is fairly new, which means that there is still a lot of content to be filled in. Please keep an eye open for updates, or (for the time being) perhaps contact us to contribute to this wiki.


The people behind 333networks are a group of people that work on sustaining online multiplayer games as a hobby. Their community was originally formed by people playing Unreal Tournament Demo, who wrote small scripts to display online games information on their website.

As 333networks presents information about various servers, they often get caught in the middle in arguments between banned players and the administrators who banned them. Often, 333networks has tried to act as an intermediary to settle problems and encourage more intimate contact between various communities.

As of the summer of 2014, 333networks focuses mainly on improving the masterserver and creating support for more Games. With the help of many new members, the efforts are expanded to host the masterserver on different platforms, to share the Source Code and exchange information on the wiki.

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