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  • This Wiki page compares Postal 2 Share the Pain which comes with the Linux 'Postal 2' on Steam™ Platform, to the 'free multiplayer' available from and elsewhere. Hopefully providing some help and troubleshoot some of the problems

Features of Steam™ STP Linux

  • Newer audio library, now sound works on 64bit architecture/operating system
  • Newer postal 2 game binary (required to use the new audio)
  • The config file comes 333networks ready


  • The config files included on the Linux version are for a Windows install
  • Doesn't include ucc.exe for launching dedicated servers

Fixes for Steam™ STP Linux

  • A Linux player would need to change the renderers and graphics settings to use the Linux renderers. Try copy those sections or the entire configuration files. (If you replace the entire config files then make sure to add some master servers for multiplayer to work)

Fixes for 'free multiplayer'

  • Can copy both the binary and new audio renderer from Steam™'s STP
  • Can patch/fix masterserver to use 333networks