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  • An unconfirmed game or a non existant game page would need manual configuration
  • The masterserver uses UDP port 27900 for Servers, TCP port 28900 for players (clients). Except for development servers which use the ports 28906 (servers) and 28905 (clients)
  • You need to unblock the relevent ports on a firewall, and change configuration settings. You could point your game to 333Networks instead of gamespy using your hosts file if all else fails

Confirmed Supported Games

Deus Ex
Nerf Arena
Postal 2
Serious Sam
Serious Sam 2
Unreal Tournament (1999)
Wheel of Time

Unconfirmed Supported Games

Battlefield 1942
Blood II
Descent 3
F1 1999-2000
Heretic II
Iron Storm
Legends of Might and Magic
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead
Soldier of Fortune: Retail
Turok 2
Unreal Tournament 2004